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Sons Of Anarchy Theme Party @ ONAR Rock Bar (Athens, GR) Sat.19.Oct.2013 [Photos]

More than 380 people filled the place in and out of the bar at ONAR Rock Bar at Kypseli, honoring the celebration of the 6th season of the television series “Sons of Anarchy”.

Peoples response on our calling was immediate from the beginning of the event were already many people had come from a variety of ages, full of positive energy to celebrate the new season of the show!! Under the rythms of the musical themes of the show and generally from blues rock, southern rock, stoner and etc by me and H.G.

Fans of S.o.A, bikers, roskers, metalheads and deviant girls were partying all night,
drinking 350 litres of beer and even more cocktails and drinks.

The absolute S.o.A experience was a success!!

Eight people though left twice as happy as they won gifts from the lottery with overall value of 570€.
More specifically:
One tattoo worth 200€ from Black Rose Tattoo.
One original Sons of Anarchy jacket (Men or Women) worth of 150€ by Menios Shop.
One Utax Full Face bike helmet worth 80€.
One Utax Half Face bike helmet worth 80€.
Two Balaclavas worth 40€.
Two Sons of Anarchy souvenir mugs worth 20€ by VSA.

On behalf of our whole team that organized the event (Street Production) I’d like to thank all of the 400 people that came and honored us with their presence on the event celebrating the 6 season of Sons of Anarchy and trusted us once again for their entertainment.
I would also like to thank our sponsors: Black Rose Tattoo Studio, Menios, VSA for the gifts of the lottery,MonsterVille that was in charge of our clothing for the event and ONAR Rock Bar for this amazing partnership!!!

For 15 years you support everything I do. We promise you that we will keep doing our best for your entertainment.

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