DJ Coke aka 8erisths
He’s the youngest professional DJ/MC performer in Greece and despite his young age, he’s one of the 2 pioneers in Greece that established the Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Dancehall & Reggaeton music in nightlife. He is the owner and founder of the team Street Production, the urban events Da Hustlaz and the web site’s & He also makes urban music productions.

His name is Labros , born in Athens, with roots from Greece & Austria. From a really young age he expressed his likeness in things such as: Web Designing/Developing and in the meanwhile he’s Programming & Hosting. He was playing basketball almost 5 years professionally for Greek Associations (Panelinios). He has also been modelling (Fashion shows for Benetton) and taking part in advertisements, TV and radio stations (Milko, Sprite, O.P.A.P, etc). In addition, he also has been promoting clothes, shoes and he’s a radio producer.

The DJ Side: His first contact with music was from the moment he was born, his father is a musician. He grew up with Rock music, Indian instrumentalist, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop, R&B, Latin, Disco, Electro, Pop & Alternative. Subsequently sounds of UK Garage, Chill out, Lounge, Dance, Deep, Progressive, Tribal, Soulful, House, Deep House, Indie, Ambient, Vocal, Dub, Drum And Bass, Jungle, Trip-Hop, Dancehall, Nu-Metal and much more.

The first experiments as a dj, was when he was 9 years old, when he was playing with tapes and making choices at the age of 13 (1998) with the nickname Dj RevolutionMan. He has done his first steps in one of the 4 most famous Hip-Hop and R&B clubs. Up until 2002 he was playing as Dj RevolutionMan is the following clubs: Ano Kato, Cosy, Lift, Cinema & Rebel. He came back fresh in 2003, with a new nickname: DJ Coke and he signed up as a member in Smooth Playaz. In the meanwhile he was creating his own team, Da Hustlaz. Until today he has played as a guest star in: Venue (Bed), Danza, Luv, FashionBars (Fashion Tv), China Fix (Thessaloniki), Club Vitrine, Ballroom, Mobetter, Pralina, Pure, Minou Minou, Alfa Club, Scream, Win’s Club (Nea Makri), Folie, Vanilla Sky, Vanilla, Mao, Black Light, King’s(Lamia), Reina(Summer Club) The Earth Bar, Athina Live(Conservatoire Fakana), Venti and many more. He has also associated with all the teams and dj’s of the Greek Hip-Hop Scene and not only….like: DJ Lord (Public Enemy), Flo Rida (“Elevator” feat. Timbaland, “In the Ayer” feat. Will.i.Am & “Get Low” feat.T-Pain), Mims(“This is Why I’m Hot” & “Like This”)DJ Who Kid(Official 50 Cent & G Unit DJ), DJ Sparky-T (DMC winner), Pritanis (HmizBiz), Mentzelos (HmizBiz), DJ Noiz (Deadlock & Noiz Production), DJ G.Alex & A.K (Magna), Mad G.Q, Def Soul, Family The Label and many more teams artists and dj’s.

The MC Performer Side: He has been writing lyrics since the age of 8 years old with the nickname 8eRiStHs (Theristis). At the age of 13 he created the rap/graffiti crew. RTD (Rapsodoi Tou Dromou) that means Street Rappers Crew. After 3 years everyone took their own way…..

In 2005 he took part in solo album from Greek rapper ‘Weird’, with the title: ‘Rapsodikos Paroksismos’, with other members of the label Street Production (El-Train & Euro) in the song named: ‘Istories tou Dromou’. In 2007 he collaborated in urban Greek collection from one of producers of Street Production Dj L.S 1, with title: “Ditiki Eleusis Meros 1o”, with others artists in song “Ditiki Eleusis”.in 2008 he give one track in another one urban Greek collection “Addictive Sounds Vol.1” for Alpha Records. DJ Coke aka 8eRiStHs has performed in live shows with many famous names of the Greek Hip-Hop scene like: Taki Tsan(ZN), Eisvoleas(Alfa Gama/Tigre Sporakia), Imiskoumbria, Evnus, Ominus, Asarkos(Bita Peis), Special Dask, Tang-Ram, Megas, Sexpy, RG(RRM), Kostantinos Voulgaris(Omirou Apogonoi) etc…

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